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And seniors aren’t just booking homes in exotic places, they’re opting for thrill seeking experiences around the world. From exploring the unseen corners of Hong Kong to indulging in Havana’s culinary culture, the report revealed that there was a 260 percent increase in Experience bookings activities designed and led by locals by seniors worldwide since… (read more)

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Another former professional wrestler, Chris Nowinski, who was a Harvard grad with a BA in sociology, asked for an examination of Benoit’s brain. Tests discovered extensive damage due to concussions. What does the movie say about how the NFL is handling concussions?Nowinski has done really valuable work with brains of NFL players as well in… (read more)

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Hermes Belt Replica Jill Scandridge, director of public affairs for McDonald’s USA, told The Huffington Post the company recommended that community members work with the producers directly on cutting pesticide use rather than with McDonald’s. Offutt, she said. Offutt about the residents’ concerns, Warren Warmbold, the Midwest business manager for the company, shared a written… (read more)

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cheap canada goose uk My father’s only other regular contact in college had been his roommate, a Pakistani who spent his days preparing curry. Since neither spoke English, but both liked curries, they got along splendidly. The person who had assigned them together had probably hoped they would either learn English or invent a common… (read more)