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As I think Loki in the present should stay dead

LBD occurs when Lewy bodies (protein deposits) form in nerve cells in brain areas that govern thought, memory, and motor control. LBD leads to an advanced decline of the affected individual’s mental capabilities. The person may imagine seeing things and there is a marked change in the level of consciousness and the ability to concentrate…. (read more)

I’d never intentionally hurt anyone

Let start with international treaties. That Iran deal he broke? It took about 10 years to work out. Starting under Bush Jr. In addition to this Magic 8 Ball spin off, you might find these other gifts to be just as useful. Also available is a Sarcastic Ball, The Happy Smiley Face Affirmation Ball, and… (read more)

And even in comparison to those

Let’s face it, no one wants an MP3 player that doesn’t play videos. Afterall, they are practically the same price as those that don’t. The real trick is to find one that has the storage you want, at a price that doesn’t leave your wallet empty. Agreements between nonmarital partners fail only to the extent… (read more)