She even almost completely ignored my birthday two days ago

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A full stack of venison sells for like $7 I think. You can get a full stack of venison in like 2 minutes out on the plains.dustotepp 3 points submitted 4 days agoJust east of the Trapper in West Elizabeth there is a rockface that overlooks the road. If you are on the southeast corner of that rock looking across the road, there are two pinetrees and some bushes.

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I know Banjo isn going to win any popularity contests against Steve, but please don say he on the same level as Isaac and Geno just because he as requested as them on Smash specific forums. Barring Mario and Zelda, Banjo is basically the mascot of the N64, and has one of the most beloved games of all time under his belt. And unlike Geno or Isaac, a large amount of non Smash fans know and love Banjo.

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